Self-love and self-care aren’t about being self-centered, narcissistic, or pushing ourselves or our own agenda. It actually quite the opposite. Self-love and self-care are about loving yourself for who you are now and taking the time to care for yourself both emotionally and physically. It’s about quieting that little voice of self-doubt in your head and recognizing your own needs.

We all have that voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, and points out our flaws and errors. The good news is – you are not your thoughts, but rather the observer of them. As such, you can observe them without taking them so seriously and can choose not to believe them.

In fact, self-love and self-care are really about owning your own power. It’s about acting from a place of kindness toward yourself so that you live a happy and healthy life. And when you practice these, changes in your life begin to occur.

Here are 5 changes in your perspective that will happen when you practice self-love and self-care.

  1.    You will stop comparing yourself to others and recognize you are enough-as is.

Comparing is a waste of energy. Comparison misses the whole point of your life – to be you. It can often make us feel badly because it is out of alignment with the truth – that we are all incomparable and unique.

Imagine you are running in a race. If you spend too much time watching the person in the next lane, your own performance and enjoyment will suffer. It’s the same with life. While it’s fine to look towards others for inspiration, it’s important to keep your eyes focused firmly on your own lane.

  1.    You will start living a life of abundance without the need to struggle for it.

Self-love inherently comes from a place of love rather than a place of lack. Be sure to set your intention from a place of wholeness, so the spirit of your intention is inherently whole and worthy. If you’re inviting abundance in order to feel worthier of love, attention, or approval, the energy behind the intention is lack and will only attract more of the same.

  1. Smiling woman with dog sitting on the beach and thinking    You will recognize failures and setbacks get you one step closer to your goals as opposed.

Failure is one of the greatest teachers in life. When you have a “no fear” attitude towards failure, you can easily reach success. Trust yourself and learn from it when something goes wrong. The most valuable lessons in life are frequently the ones taught by failure and setback.

  1. You will know your significance isn’t dependent on what you produce-but rather who you are.

We are often brought up to believe that we must achieve a certain number of accomplishments before we are deemed worthy. The truth is you are already an inherently beautiful, creative, loving, powerful, worthy being. You were born worthy and you can never be any less than that.

  1. You will inspire others to love and care for themselves.

Do you want to positively impact others around you? More than where you work, how much money you make, or how you look, the way you take care of yourself, carry yourself and interact with others will impact how much inspiration people draw from being around you. Focus on the fundamental principles of self-care and self-love and make them part of your daily life.

Remember, your inner-voice knows best- so trust it.

Ask yourself, “what type of self-love do I need right now? What act of self-care is in my highest good right now?” Try this empowerment meditation to open yourself up to your inner voice. You might discover some wonderful ideas once you ask!

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