Amid the crowds, shopping, traveling, and nonstop social gatherings taking place during the holiday season, you’ve probably reached (or are close to) your stress limit. Chances are you’ve attended a few events where the champagne was pouring, tasty treats were served left and right and you had a hard time saying no. Eating and drinking in moderation during the holidays seems like an unattainable goal for many, and as hard as we try, temptation is all around us.

I recently spoke with celebrity personal trainer Joel Harper about how to avoid stress eating, especially during the holiday season. He has been developing custom workouts for more than 18 years largely due to his simple exercises, which produce immediate results.

Joel tells his clients to focus on what they enjoy, but in a responsible manner. For example, when you’re at the bar, have a glass of wine and then a glass of water. Water intake is extremely important.

“Be mindful when you go to events. If you’re racing to a party and you’re really hungry, have a big glass of water beforehand.”

When you’re socializing at an event, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re eating and drinking. Instead of letting the room control you, Joel recommends taking a step back to regain control.

He is also a big advocate of deserve levels—what you believe you are worthy of having. Joel recommends creating a number system by assigning numbers to foods based on their health value. This is something you can do anywhere, which helps you to make better decisions quickly.

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