Having previously heard so much about Sonia Choquette and her work, I was excited to interview her and learn more about the sixth sense. Sonia is a world-renowned author and spiritual teacher who teaches others how to tap into their sixth sense and move past the psychological and spiritual obstacles that hold them back.

Sonia wrote her new book, Uplifting Prayers To Light Your Way, with “the intention of helping people’s hearts rewire to the source.” As a reader, it is truly a wonderful experience to come across a book where the author’s heart and soul pour soul onto every page. Each prayer acts as a guide to help you shift into a healthier energy flow. Sonia sticks with the reader each step of the way as she takes you on a spiritual journey to self-discovery.

For those who have a difficult time with prayer, Sonia recommends reframing your perspective. Put less emphasis on thinking. Instead, simply listen. When you are praying, imagine that you are connecting to the energy that makes your heart beat. That is your connection to “the source.”

How can you tell your prayer is being heard? When I asked Sonia this question, she said something that really resonated with me: “You feel it. Faith is being able to move past those waves of doubt.”

Rose Caiola
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