Throughout the day, your mind will wander and thoughts will come and go. Worrying about the future, dwelling on the past, whatever it may be—it’s important to avoid getting pulled in and understand they are simply thoughts. They only have as much power as you give them.

In this meditation, I teach you to look within yourself and reach a deep level of self-awareness—a level that allows you to be an observer of your thoughts. By learning how to observe your thoughts rather than get sucked in, you will feel less overwhelmed and more in control. When thoughts come up that illicit a sense of fear, then just be aware that the fear is there and let it go. Know that you are here in this moment and those thoughts will leave.

And when you notice that your attention is no longer in this present moment, don’t judge yourself. Just bring your attention back to your breathing.

I invite you to join me and tap into a relaxed state of awareness.

Rose Caiola
Inspired. Rewired.


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