Listen to the soothing sounds of nature

When it comes to music, call me an old soul, but I really do enjoy the classics – Mozart, Beethoven and the nature soundtracks Rose plays while she meditates in the morning. For me, nothing is more soothing than the sound of nature, whether it’s the birds singing or waves hitting the sand.

While I was reading National Geographic, the article, “Do Animals Have an Innate Sense of Music?” immediately grabbed my attention. As it turns out, music is a universal language shared by numerous animals, including humans, whales and birds.

Did you know some animals can even compose music the same way that humans do? Humpback whales, for example, are well known for their musical abilities.

“Whales, for example, use many of the musical concepts found in human music, including similar rhythms, phrase lengths, and song structure,” National Geographic reports. “These similarities, the Science writers maintain, ‘prove that these marine mammals are inveterate composers.’”

As far as my flying friends, the birds, they follow rhythmic patterns and pitches similar to human music. “Birds not only create vocal sound,” the Science writers explain, “some also add a percussion instrument to their songs.”

I hope the next time you’re outside and hear the sounds of nature, you have a new appreciation for it.  Close your eyes and enjoy the serene experience of nature’s symphony.



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