If you’re like us, you’re fascinated with memory—how it works, how to improve it, even how to deal with traumatic memories. Rewire Me explores these topics and more in these memorable articles:

Music and Memory

1. Music and Memory: Why Some Songs Mean So Much to Us. How songs affect us depends on when we first hear them.

2. 6 Memory-Boosting Strategies That Really Work. Remembering names, numbers—and just about anything—is a lot easier when you use these memory tricks.

3. Learning While You Sleep. Even sleeping for a very short time may enhance retention of recent learning.

Learning While You Sleep

4. The Lure of Forgetting. New research suggests that it may soon be possible to erase painful memories. But should we?

5. False Memories and the Meaning of Life. The more scientists learn about how the brain works, the better they’ll be at manipulating it. So where does that leave us?

See Your Way Clear

6. ‘See’ Your Way Clear of Traumatic Memories. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy has helped millions of people break free from the grip of past traumas.

7. Forget Me, Do. Is it possible to remember too much? Our lives are shaped by the brain’s ability to filter what we remember and what we let slip away.

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