My Wish for You This ThanksgivingEarlier this month I asked you to share what you were grateful for. Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, what better time to tell the people in your life that you’re grateful for them?

I’ve found that when you show acts of gratitude, you find yourself smiling more often. I know I do. Then people smile back at me, which makes me even happier. It’s contagious! Once you feel it, those around you can’t help but feel it, too.

I remember as a child being at a big family party when my father started to laugh for no reason. We all looked at him as if he had lost his marbles. When we asked what was so funny, he just laughed even harder. Within minutes we were all in stitches, cracking up without knowing why. As far as I know, Dad’s only agenda was to make us all smile and laugh with him, to share the love and happiness of the moment. It remains one of my strongest childhood memories.

Laughter and happiness don’t need a reason to be felt and shared! Gratitude doesn’t, either. Watch what happens when you tell someone you’re grateful:



My wish for you this Thanksgiving holiday is that you participate in acts of showing gratitude.

I’ll leave you with this quote about giving:

“Make what change you are able to make now, and let the ‘giving spirit’ spread like a virus, infinitely touching the lives of people you may never meet, across boundaries you may never cross, in ways you may never imagine. That is the power of giving and your ticket to changing the world.”

—Matt Hogan

Rose Caiola
Inspired. Rewired.

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