Studies show the health benefits of pets in the workplace

I love when Rose brings me to the Rewire Me office. It’s fun to spend time with my coworkers; not to mention, everyone on the team is an animal lover, so all the attention is a nice perk.

I’ve written a lot about the stress relieving benefits of animals and pet therapy, but today I wanted to talk specifically about pets in the workplace and the benefits of bringing your dog to work:

1. Boosts productivity

Many people may think that a dog could interfere with getting work done, but studies show it’s actually a good distraction.

“It’s been proven that people are always more productive when they are happy,” according to Janet Myers, founder of the pet therapy program at Schneck Medical Center. “If Bentley is by my side, I am not thinking of needing to be home to care for him or that he’s lonely. I often stay late at work with him snoozing away under my desk. He is a big part of my life.”

Myers travels throughout the country with her dog Bentley to raise awareness about the benefits of pet therapy and animal-related activities in health care.

2. Lowers stress

Imagine you have a tight deadline and you’ve been working nonstop. Your head is spinning with everything you need to get done, and then your dog looks into your eyes as if to say, Don’t worry. You’ll get it done. Relax.

Do you notice that when you pet your dog, the worries of the day just fade away? We seem to have that calming effect on people, and recent studies explored the reasons why.

According to research published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, employees who had dogs in the workplace reported feeling less stressed than employees with dogs who left them at home.

3. Increases camaraderie among coworkers

Nothing brings people together like an animal, and dogs are the best icebreakers. Even if it’s a coworker you don’t normally interact with, I bet you will visit their desk when you see a tail wagging from across the room.

A recent study conducted by Central Michigan University “found that when dogs were present in a group, employees were more likely to trust each other and collaborate more effectively in the office.”

Who needs all the team-building exercises when you can just bring a dog into the office? Problem solved!



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