Provide security and comfort in a new environment

I admit I didn’t always love traveling. I was never one of those adventurous dogs who enjoys sticking his head out the car window. I’m the rare breed who prefers sitting comfortably and enjoying the view in the backseat. To each their own, I say.

Regardless of the type of dog you have, all pet owners are concerned about keeping their pets safe and comfortable while traveling. There is one simple trick to accomplish this: give your pup a sense of security and familiarity.

When you adopt a dog and bring them home for the first time, most volunteers will give you the blankets and toys the dog has been surrounded by. Why? To provide security and comfort, and to help make the transition as smooth as possible. This same idea applies when you travel with your dog. Surrounding them with what’s familiar will help them feel at home much quicker.

Road Trip Tips

  • Pack the food they normally eat.
  • Bring bedding and toys if the trip is on the longer side.
  • If possible, avoid feeding your dog right before you leave or while on the road to avoid any car sickness or accidents along the way. Three to four hours before is recommended.

Flight Tips

  • Find a comfortable pet carrier. Be sure to research your airline’s requirements for the size and type of carrier they allow.
  • Line your dog’s carrier with DryFur pad. It’s better to be prepared and even if your dog is well trained, accidents can happen. This type of pad absorbs moisture, which will keep your dog comfortable.
  • Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and exerts enough energy before the flight. Whether you take them for a long walk or play outside, it will make your dog more likely to rest on the plane.
  • Pack your dog’s blanket, toys and whatever else will smell and remind them of home.

General Blanket Training Tips

  • Teach your dog to associate good things with the blanket by putting treats on it.
  • Take the blanket to different spots in the house and repeat this process.
  • As soon as your dog starts going to the blanket, start asking them to sit and lie down on it, and continue to reward good behavior.
  • When your dog becomes used to doing this at home, the next step is to teach them the same behavior in new locations. Some dogs will pick up on this quicker than others, but over time, the blanket will become a source of familiarity and security in any environment.





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