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I’m fascinated by neuroscience, particularly the neuroplasticity of the brain. We have come to learn that we can actually retrain our brains by growing new neural pathways that replace old negative behaviors and habits with new patterns that serve us better. So living a happy life is possible once we learn how to rewire our thought process.

Lisa Garr, author of Becoming Aware and host of The Aware Show, knows how to do this better than most. After surviving a traumatic brain injury, Lisa successfully rebuilt her brain with a program she created called Brain-nastics. After watching her video below, I think you will understand why I’m excited to be hosting an event with Lisa Garr called “Unlock Your Mind” on June 16, 2015.

As I wrote in “Repattern Your Brain and Revitalize Your Life,” everyone has challenges, and while many of us succumb to them, others transcend these difficult times to become thought leaders and teachers. These special individuals are able to use their hardship to transform the way they think about their life and their life’s purpose. Lisa Garr is one of these special individuals.

To see Lisa discussing her experience watch the video here.

The Rewire Me team and I hope you can attend this exclusive and informative event. Click here to reserve your seat.


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