It’s Christmastime once again, and with the temperature drop and spiked eggnog comes the inevitable and inescapable holiday music. Whether you’re shopping at the mall, driving in your car, or sitting at an airport terminal, you won’t be able to shake those Christmas jingles. So why not add some new beats to the mix?

pentatonix christmasDon’t get me wrong, I love the classics just as much as the next girl, but sometimes I think we need to mix up the music in our end-of-the-year arsenal. So I’ve taken the pleasure of putting together a holiday playlist of 11 songs that will put even Scrooge in the holiday spirit. You may notice the popular a-cappella group Pentatonix makes it to the list three times, but that’s only because this group of vocalists are not your average carolers.

My hope is that these tunes help you embrace the season just a little more. So download the playlist now on Spotify or iTunes and get ready to deck the halls!


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