Creating your own cool spots

Living in the city in the summer can get exhausting. Temperatures beating against the cement climb higher than in many rural areas, and you may not be close to any beach, forest or lake where you can cool off. What’s a guy or gal to do? The key is getting creative. Here are some fun ideas to inspire you to enjoy your time in the summer sun – while staying moderately cool.

Go for a bike ride

Make your own breeze by taking your bike – or rented one – out for a spin with a friend. You’ll get a in workout while enjoying the sites. Ride by the water, if you’re able, for a cooler afternoon.

Go see a drive-in movie

Oh, those summer nights! Get retro, and take your car and your best date to see an outdoor movie. Bring slushies’ or root beer floats to stay cool, and feel like you’re back in time.

Play tourist

If you live in a big city, there’s always plenty to do. Go to China Town, hit the tourist spots or go see something you’ve never seen. Have a staycation in your own backyard.

Get the board games out

Channel your inner child with Twister, Life or any of your other favorite board games. Crank up the fan speed, and add in ice-cold sangria or cherry cokes for a fun afternoon.

Go to the Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market is a cool scene in itself, and also yields the best produce to take home. Enjoy shopping around, talking to the local farmers and see what you can find to make seasonal and delicious dishes in your kitchen.

Go to a museum or a movie theater

Visiting museums and seeing films are both great ways to spend a hot summer day. Plus, you might learn something too.

Go on a food tour

Sign up for a food tour in your city; there are so many options these days! Discover new plates and chefs in your own backyard.

Take a class

Writing, pottery, painting, guitar – whatever it is, pick up a new hobby you’re excited about.

Frequent rooftop bars

…or a friend’s rooftop, preferably later in the day when it’s cooler.

Look up free concerts

Usually during summer time, there are a plethora of jazz festivals, street fairs and other events with free music.

Make popsicles

Have fun in the kitchen and make virgin or alcoholic homemade popsicles.

Take a day trip

If you do have a beach, lake or waterfall park area nearby, make a day or two of it and get out of the city. Spending a few hours outside of the hustle and bustle will reset your spirit.



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