A couple of weeks ago I told you about my commitment to pause in a moment of gratitude before one meal each day. As of last week I hadn’t been very successful in achieving this goal; I was feeling some inner resistance. But today I’m proud to report that I’m definitely making progress.

Why the turnaround? Good timing had something to do with it.

I attended a workshop this past weekend on Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, taught by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Throughout the course Dr. Joe presented ways to identify and overcome habits, which he described as “recurring, often unconscious patterns of behaviors, thoughts, or feelings that are acquired through frequent repetition.”

I have my own habits about eating, some hard-wired since I was a young girl. It’s not surprising that I felt some resistance to introducing a change to my eating patterns. In fact, it makes perfect sense.

Applying one of the techniques Dr. Joe explained in the course, my mantra has become “be grateful for your meal, be grateful for your meal, be grateful for your meal.” I’m repeating the same thought over and over again, every day, until it becomes ingrained in me and eventually becomes a new habit—a mindful awareness of food.

And so today I am grateful for my meal.

Rose Caiola
Inspired. Rewired.

For more information about Dr. Joe, visit his website at www.drjoedispenza.com.

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