I’m here at the 12th annual More/Fitness/Shape Women’s Half Marathon in Central Park, and I had the pleasure of speaking with some of the amazing women running in this year’s race.

Some people run to stay in shape, while others, like these women, run to heal. When I heard about these remarkable women, I was so inspired I had to speak to them myself to find out more. I’m excited to share their stories about healing and transformation with the Rewire Me community. I think they will inspire you to rethink what can be possible in your life.

Amaris White
In 2012, Amaris, now only 28-years-old, suffered a serious vein thrombosis—a blood clot from ankle to heart—with clots in both lungs. With damaged and scarred legs, she spent weeks in the hospital and 7 surgeries later, she is on the road to recovery. Through all this she has continued to train—and did the NYC marathon last year. Running has helped her exceed her doctor’s expectations and helped her legs to heal.


Sofia Russo
Two years ago, Sofia’s mother and 4-year-old daughter Ariel were hit in NYC by a reckless driver. Sadly, Ariel died and Sofia’s mom is still  recovering. Sofia,28,  says she runs to survive the tragedy—and that it brought her back to life. Her daughter loved to play in Central Park—that’s where a lot of her running occurs.  She says, “Running has shown me that my heart is stronger than I ever imagined it could be.”  This is Sophia’s FIRST half; she also has sons, 4 and 9 months—the 9 month old is a new blessing since the death of Ariel.


Dawn Ciccone
Nine years ago, Dawn Ciccone, 59, was hit head on by an SUV while running, thrown 15 feet and wound up in a wheel chair. She was told she would never run again, but here she is. As difficult as it was, her passion for running allowed her to work through the pain and heal.


Rosie Rodriguez
Rosie, 31, wants to start a running club for middle and High School girls at the Lower Eastside Girls Club (8 to 23 year olds), so that girls can see running and playing sports as the empowering things that they are. Rosie is currently involved with this club, mentors a young girl, serves on the board of directors as secretary, and volunteers with the Angel Alliance.


Debra Milano
Four years ago, Debra’s 31-year-old husband died in a car accident, leaving her with 3 kids (4 yrs to 2 months old). Her 3 brothers encouraged her to get back into running, so every day she would wake up and run at 3:45 am. “The feeling of peace and confidence lasted longer and longer.” Today, she is remarried, has another child, serves as a USA Track and Field Youth Coach, and trains for marathons. Running healed her heart, mind, body and soul.


Ellie Krolian
This race has special meaning for Ellie, 63: In 2011—the last time she participated—her best friend, Donna’s daughter, Lyndsey, who has cystic fibrosis, received “the call” for a lung transplant just as they crossed the finish line—she had been on the transplant list for 7 months prior. Today, Lyndsey just turned 30 and is a yoga instructor in Orlando, FL. The women are raising money for Lyndsey’s TLC Foundation, started to help other families with cystic fibrosis expenses.


Ellie & Donna
Ellie Krolian and her friend Donna McLaughlin recount the story of getting the call for Donna’s daughter’s lung organ donation. Ellie and Donna are interested to highlight their work in raising money to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Click to help. www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/ellie-krolian/elliekrolian


Rose Caiola
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