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As many Rewire Me readers ­– and all of my friends – know, I founded Rewire Me because of my passion to help people on their personal transformation journey. On my path to self-discovery, I learned many valuable lessons that contributed to my rewiring process. I wanted to create a community where people could learn from my transformative experiences, and a safe haven where people could share knowledge, resources and support.

When it comes to our careers, many of us buy into the belief that we have to forfeit our joy, and leave our passions behind to chase status and success. But guess what? You can have both. I’m living proof. Your hobby can turn into a fulfilling career.

The first step is to identify what brings you joy. Ask yourself: What do I love to do? What makes me feel fulfilled? Even when life is really busy, what do I always make time for?

Next, you must have the confidence to bring your vision to life. Don’t let anyone’s words dictate how you feel about yourself. As Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Believe you are capable of accomplishing great things.

When you fall, you need to get up and keep going. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, look objectively and unemotionally at the situation and find something you can learn from it or do differently in the future. That’s it. No judgment. Remember, we only grow from situations that challenge us.

Now that you are clear on your vision, you’re probably wondering, how can I make money doing what I love? Follow these three steps:

1. Learn from the leader

Do your homework. Research successful people in your industry and take notes on how they are advertising, monetizing and building their business. Be a student of the data and learn as much as you can.

2. Leverage influencers for sustained growth

Find partnerships with like-minded experts and brands – established companies that can spread your message to a larger audience. This will boost your credibility, grow your mailing list, drive new leads and most importantly, boost sales down the line.

3. Become an expert at distribution

Who is your target audience? Send samples of your products to customers in the area to get your name out there. Offer some kind of incentive such as a discount coupon to increase interest and engagement.

Are you ready to start turning your passion into a profit? Stay focused, follow these steps and enjoy the fulfilling career you’ve always dreamed of.

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