Most people want to know how to be a happier person. Part of my personal and professional mission involves participating in ongoing growth and improvement. I want to make positive changes in my own life that ripple out into larger society, inspiring others and spreading joy. One way to do this is by making investments in attitudinal and behavioral changes that reap rewards in my overall happiness and create a goodness-contagion in the world around me.

live happy book coverThis March, Deborah Heisz of Dallas, Texas, and the editors of Live Happy Magazine will introduce a new book, Live Happy: Ten Practices for Choosing Joy, which offers simple ways to increase positive feelings in daily life. Within the pages of this book, 40 celebrities tell stories about how they made changes that improved their outlooks and pleasure in living.

We all want to know more about being happy, and it’s easier to learn in narrative form with a clear set of instructions. Live Happy teaches us how happiness works and why it works. We learn how attitude, genetics, circumstances and personal choices impact life satisfaction. We also discover what a happiness set-point is, and how to raise it, by exercising, volunteering, strengthening our relationships, opening ourselves up to creativity and by incorporating loving human touch into our lives. Live Happy instructs us on the importance of yoga, meditation and vagal tone—which is the connection between one’s heart and one’s brain.

These are just a few lessons you’ll learn from Live Happy. You’ll also find real-life stories from all kinds of people, including celebrities like Hoda Kotb, Alanis Morissette, and Arianna Huffington. They reveal experiences and tips for finding joy and spreading happiness to others.

If, like me, you care about creating a happier life and a lasting difference in the world, you’ll want to read this book and implement a few small changes that can reap big rewards.

Let’s start a goodness-contagion together and live happier lives.

To buy Ten Practices for Choosing Joy by Deborah K. Heisz, click here

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