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In our annual holiday survey, we asked you, our readers, to share your thoughts about the holiday season—including everything from your ideal party size to your favorite traditions—so we can provide content that relates to you. What does this time of year actually mean to you? Read on to find out the results.

1. How to Celebrate

If you plan to host a New Year’s Eve party, you might want to keep it small. Results show that the ideal party size is seven to twelve people. So don’t stress about the guest list—stick to inviting just the people closest to you.

2. When to Celebrate

Most Americans say that Christmas is the year’s biggest holiday, but according to our survey, it turns out that in the hearts of our readers, Thanksgiving is just as important. The common theme is enjoying quality time with friends and family we don’t get to see enough of during the rest of the year—being together is a gift in itself!

3. What to Celebrate

When it comes to why the holidays are special, you said that being with family ranks first on the list and celebrating traditions comes in a close second. According to our survey results, you rank spending time with family and friends as more important than gift giving—so this year, instead of spoiling your loved ones with presents, carve out some much-needed time with them. After all, memories last much longer than gifts! 

Do you have any holiday observations you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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