Hay House's I Can Do It! 2015Hay House’s two-day I Can Do It! 2015 event in New York was a weekend to remember—filled with motivational speakers and inspiring authors offering powerful and practical advice for living a happy, healthy life.

The conference opened with a touching tribute to Dr Wayne Dyer. The crowd was moved to tears watching a video of him telling the story of searching for his father who left him and his family at a young age. Angry and disappointed by his father most of his life, Wayne had a life-changing moment while visiting his grave saying, “From this moment on I am sending you love.” Wayne will forever be remembered as a man who shared his love and inspiration to all.

Here are a few highlights from speakers who inspired our weekend and rewired our minds:

Cheryl Richardson

“Many of us live in our heads. But there is an aliveness and desire in full body living. That’s where creativity lives.”

For the last 20 years, bestselling author and coach Cheryl Richardson has made it her mission to teach others how to live an authentic life filled with passion and purpose. Energetic, witty and relatable, she captured the attention of the audience from start to finish. Cheryl shed light on finding the essence of who we are by expressing our creativity.

Nancy Levin

“If we put our commitment in alignment with what we’re really after we can experience the life we want.”

Never let them see you sweat. This was Nancy’s motto for most of her life—projecting an image of perfection to the world while feeling empty inside. During her speech, author and integrative coach Nancy shared the moment that altered the course of her life, and explained that when we live our lives in reaction to others, instead of from our own authentic self, we are not living our truth. Happiness comes from living our own truths and desires. This inspired her book Jump…And Your Life Will Appear.

Dr Christiane Northrup

“Don’t focus on your chronological age. You can actually become biologically younger—and it all starts with your beliefs.”

In her latest book, Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being, Christiane explains that when it comes to aging, your beliefs play an important role. She is a testament to this—making healthy lifestyle choices and having a positive mindset—feeling healthier now than she did when she was 20. The bottom line: Your best years are ahead of you—if you believe it.

Bruce Lipton

“Your perception changes your genes. You have the power to change your biology.”

Stem cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton is an internationally recognized leader in bringing together science and spirit. He commanded the attention of the audience as he explained how our beliefs select our genes—our perception, not our genetic programming, is what causes our behavior. Knowing this can significantly improve our health, relationships and overall quality of life.

Kris Carr

“I will continue to work on shifting how I think and choosing my thoughts so I can continue to improve my health and my habits.”

Kris Carr got the wakeup call of her life in 2003 when she learned she had stage-four cancer with no traditional treatment options. Since then she has become an advocate for herself and an avid student of the mind/body medicine. In her compelling keynote, Kris drove home the idea of saying yes to your life. Kris said yes when given 10 years to live and yes to taking care of herself. She also said yes to writing The New York Times bestseller Crazy Sexy Juice, and yes to sharing her experience. Kris explained that as soon as you take a vow to saying yes, extraordinary things start to happen.

Nick Ortner

“Even the smallest of traumas can affect you on a daily basis.”

Nick Ortner, The New York Times bestselling author of The Tapping Solution, opened his lecture by explaining that we cannot simply rely on willpower to change because willpower is a finite resource. But there is a way to actually heal, forgive and let go of pain. Nick then explained the power of the tapping solution, a technique that utilizes the body’s energy through meridian points. You can stimulate these meridian points by literally tapping on them with your fingertips while focusing on what’s bothering you. Tapping provides relief from chronic pain, emotional problems, addictions, trauma and more.

Dr Joe Dispenza

“If you truly believe your thoughts create your reality, you would never miss a day to create the life you want.”

Dr Joe immediately got the audience’s attention by asking, “How many of you truly believe that your thoughts create your reality?” Every hand went up. Then he asked, “So how many of you woke up this morning and consciously created your future?” Nearly every hand went down. Dr Joe clarified that the way to break old habits is by creating new thoughts, which lead to new choices, which lead to new behaviors. And those new behaviors create new experiences, which lead to new emotions. But Dr Joe says it’s not enough to do it once. We’ve got to be able to replicate that experience over and over again until we condition the mind and body to work as one.

Article co-written with Jennifer Valdez.

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