Whether it’s related to work, health, or relationships, we all need help navigating our path at different points in our lives. If you’re looking for guidance, The Hay House World Summit can help you on your road to change. This 20-day summit features 100 audio lessons with Hay House’s most popular authors and personal growth experts, sharing techniques for personal transformation. All 100 audio lessons are available for purchase at Hay House.

The first 5-day series includes leading spiritual and health experts Deepak Chopra, M.D., Louise Hay, Anita Moorjani, Caroline Myss, Nick Ortner, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and more.

Here, we highlighted some of our favorite lessons:

Lesson: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It—Because It Does!

MoorjaniAnitaBestselling author Anita Moorjani shares how her near-death experience gave her a new outlook on life. When she awoke from a 30-hour coma, her cancer miraculously disappeared, and her perspective on spirituality radically shifted. Previously feeling fearful, she was now embracing that fear and feeling grateful. In this interview, Anita explains the power of self-love and its ability to heal us—if we let it.

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Lesson: A Prayer for Our Age

MyssCarolineSpirituality expert and bestselling author Caroline Myss encourages us to dig deeper into the metaphysical world to better understand ourselves and the world around us. She explains that even though there are obstacles that stand in our way as we reach for the next level of consciousness, we should not use them as an excuse. Caroline shares an empowering prayer that sums up her message: “Don’t let me sleep through this transition because I don’t want it to happen. Let me use the light in me in all ways possible.”

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Lesson: Tapping Away Fear

OrtnerNickEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping expert and bestselling author Nick Ortner explains the remarkable healing abilities of EFT tapping. In this interview, he shares what inspired him to go down this path and how tapping can teach us to be more mindful, change negative thinking patterns, and let go of fear. As an added bonus, Nick also reveals a tapping exercise to lower stress and find inner peace.

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Lesson: Information to Transformation

DispenzaJoeBestselling author, neurologist, and good friend Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses the mysteries of the placebo effect. Our bodies have our own “pharmacies,” and the treatment consists solely of our thoughts and feelings. Even in a world where people live in a state of fight or flight 70% of the time, you can still learn to reprogram your energy and transform your life.

To learn more about Information to Transformation, listen here.

Lesson: Creating Miracles in Your Own Life

HayLouiseIn this intimate conversation between Louise Hay and Robert Holden, both discuss the influences of perspective on life and metaphysical teachings. Louise Hay, founder of Hay House and, some would say, the self-help movement, discusses your inner “ding” and how to listen to it! She reinforces the “attitude of love” that we should carry with us everyday to help us learn about love and acceptance of ourselves.

To learn more about Creating Miracles in Your Own Life, listen here.

Lesson: God Today

ChopraDeepakDeepak Chopra is a bestselling author, public speaker, and reknown advocate for alternative medicine and encompassing different forms of spirituality in the holistic-health movement. In his new book The Future of God, he talks about how the New Atheism is basically “naïve realism.” In a thought provoking interview with Wayne Dyer, Deepak breaks down the role of religion in the future, simplifying it into its three basic truths: transcendence, inner being, and the loss of the fear of death. He also discusses how the latest developments in science and philosophy coincide with how the world’s religious traditions explain the universe and consciousness.

To learn more on God Today, listen here.

Check out more speakers from Series 1 of the Hay House World Summit 2015 by visiting Hay House.

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