Happy Anniversary, Us!

We’re celebrating our 6-month anniversary with a second look at the most popular articles on the site so far. Check them out and let us know which is your favorite!

Rewiring Hate
Rewiring Hate. To a degree, we’re wired to identify enemies and hate them. But to an even greater degree, we’re wired not to hate, to accept ambivalence and embrace com-
plexity. In other words, being human gives us much reason to hope.

My Amygdala Ate My Homework!My Amygdala Ate My Homework! The adolescent brain is long on intellect but short on judgment, so adults in adolescents’ lives need to impose judgment from the outside—yet without squashing all the learning, growth, and energy germinating within.

This Is WaterEditors’ Pick: This Is Water, by David Foster Wallace. A lyrical review of Wallace’s witty and thoughtful meditation on living an ethical life in a challenging world.

Emerging Women10 Women Who Rocked My Weekend. Rewire Me founder Rose Caiola spotlights 10 of the inspiring women she met at the Emerging Women Live event.

Your Heart and Stomach May Be Smarter Than You ThinkYour Heart and Stomach May Be Smarter Than You Think. The heart and stomach are fully equipped to do some thinking of their own, and sometimes they’re giving the brain orders instead of taking them.

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