The right business apps can help you be present for the celebrations

In today’s fast-paced world, unplugging during the holidays is almost impossible. If you’ll be working this holiday season, a few apps can help you tackle your work tasks, so you have time to be present for celebrating with family and friends.

Here are nine handy apps that will help you manage your workload during the holidays:

1. TextExpander and Texpand

As featured in publications like The Muse, TextExpander and Texpand make it easy to respond to your colleagues. If you’re a fan of Apple devices, download TextExpander; Texpand is for those who prefer Android devices. When you need to do more than simply peek at your email to see what’s going on every once in a while, you’ll want one of these apps for the holidays.

Both apps offer more assistance than the auto-correct word prediction that your smartphone provides by letting you insert sentences, phrases and full paragraphs with a shortcut that you select. The app will also let you perform functions such as storing emails in the snippets feature – saving you time since you won’t have to copy and paste an email every time you need to resend it. You can even use the app to save the addresses of family members and friends, which will be helpful during the hustle and bustle.

2. 1Password

It can be tough to remember passwords, so set up a password manager such as 1Password instead. This app operates on both mobile devices and computers. Once you’ve activated it, the app will give you access to all of your accounts with a master password – one that’s easy for you to remember. Password managers such as 1Password also keep your company’s confidential data safe and secure while you are working remotely during the holidays.

3. Hideman

If you’ll be answering emails while you travel or finishing a few last-minute work details in the airport, you’ll want to download the Hideman app. This clever app comes with 256-bit encryption that lets you make your own virtual private network, or VPN. It provides the safety feature of encrypting your data, which prevents others on the same network from reading it. The app comes with five free hours of use each week. With the Hideman app, you can keep your sensitive work data protected and edit work documents without security concerns.

4. f.Lux or Twilight

If you intend to put in a few work hours after everyone else is in bed, protect the quality of your sleep with the f.Lux app or the Twilight app. f.Lux is the iOS version, while Twilight works with Android devices.

You’ve likely read the news reports verifying that when you spend time in front of a computer, tablet or smartphone screen shortly before you retire for the night, your sleep will be affected. f.Lux and Twilight adjust the lighting of your devices to help you sleep better. Use light managing apps to stay rested, so you have the energy to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

5. Microsoft Word Office

As featured on Business News Daily, the Microsoft Word Office app lets you develop, modify, view and share work files. With the app, you can even edit work documents that your fellow employees send you via email during the holiday season. You can also create PDFs. If you have Office 365, you and your coworkers can connect your accounts to collaborate in real-time. The app also offers cloud storage for more convenience.

6. Screencast-O-Matic

When you’re away from the office and spending time with family for the holidays, communicating with work colleagues can be complicated. If you’re having trouble getting on the same page with a coworker or the boss, consider downloading a screencast app such as Screencast-O-Matic to gain access to video. Use the app to explain a complex work process or provide detailed instructions.

Screencast-O-Matic records your voice and computer screen, allowing you to show what’s needed to complete your work tasks. In many cases, video saves time because you can avoid sending multiple emails or texts to discuss a topic.

7. Business Calendar

Business Calendar will keep you on schedule with important work deadlines. With the app, you can hone in on certain areas of your schedule by dragging your finger across the days listed. This feature makes it convenient for you to track what you need to do later in the week or month, making productive traveling possible. You can also add projects to your business calendar app.

The color code feature can help you can determine what’s on your work agenda with only a glance. The Business Calendar app also has multiple ways to set up reminders: based on the date, the time or your physical location if you have GPS activated. For instance, if you need to mail something, the app will remind you to do so when you’re close to a post office. This app can keep you on track when you’re traveling during the holidays.

8. Routehappy

Be a multitasking master with productive traveling. The Routehappy app helps you accomplish this goal because the program lets you snag flights based on amenities. To use the app, enter your travel itinerary. The app will show you an airline’s Wi-Fi quality, seat room and device charging options. Routehappy displays an airline’s on-time performance, and it even rates airports based on their connecting flights.

When it comes to apps for the holidays, this one lets you select a flight for work purposes, giving you the chance to get everything done before meeting up with your family to celebrate the season.

9. Headspace

If the combination of working during the holidays and family causes you stress, take a meditation break with Andy Puddicombe by downloading the Headspace app. The program’s “Take 10” set is a free series, and it will help you begin meditation. “Take 10” is a 10-minute meditation that allows you to experience the benefits that even a short mind-break offers.

Headspace gives you a way to reduce stress at any time of the day. When you’re with your family, consider using it at the end of the day to relax, so you can enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. Quality sleep will make it easier for you to get along with difficult family members and handle the complexities of your job.

Apps make working during the holidays bearable

While it would be nice to take a break from work during the holiday season, most of us are unable to do so entirely. Work apps allow you to manage the ins and outs of your job while delighting in holiday celebrations. Consider downloading these nine work apps. They’ll help you handle your work responsibilities, and then have time to be truly present to enjoy the season with family and friends.

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