7-Days-Of-GivingAs we approach the colder weather and the joy of the holiday season I want to remind you about how special this time of year is. Spending time with family and friends, celebrating traditions, sharing stories and memories—I feel so grateful having the opportunity to be with people who matter most in my life. But I also know there are many less fortunate people without a home to go to, or people to spend the holidays with.

In a world where we have everything available at our fingertips, it’s easy to take the simple things for granted. We don’t think about that fact that we have a job, a place to live, clothes in our closets, and food on our table. But for some people, something as simple as a blanket can make a world of difference. Living on this side of the hemisphere with seasonal changes some winters can get pretty brutal. In fact last year alone we had 55.6 inches of snow in New York City alone; winter never seemed to end. I’ll bet when you feel cold you simply dressed warmer, put on heavier socks, a hat and gloves or simply step inside someplace warm and cozy. But what if you didn’t have the luxury to do that or access to garments that kept you warm?

7 Days Of Giving collectedThat’s why this year I decided to join my dear friend Dr. Joe Dispenza for his 7 Days of Giving—a blanket drive benefiting homeless and emergency shelters around the world.

From November 27 to December 4, Dr. Joe will be collecting blankets, socks and gloves for shelters across the country. I, along with the Rewire Me Team, will be delivering these goods to shelters in the New York City area.
7 Days Of Giving distributing
Last year, Dr. Joe collected over 2,000 blankets and he’s hoping to collect even more this year. Please join us in our efforts to reach our goal of 10,000 supplies! For every shelter we deliver supplies to we will take a picture and post it on social media. Have a heart and help keep someone warm this year.


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