Adjust your diet and free your schedule to reduce tension naturally

Summertime and the living is easy…or is it? With kids out of school, travel and more holiday activities, the summer can actually be a busy and stressful time. To truly soak up the sun and enjoy this exciting time of year, it’s crucial to take self-care to the next level with these tips to help keep you calm and healthy all season long:

Watch What You Eat

Burgers, brats and ice cream, oh my! It’s tempting to give up your regular eating habits up for tasty popsicles and cold margaritas. Don’t deprive yourself the occasional indulgence, but staying on track helps. Drink plenty of water and add cucumber or lemon to make it refreshing. Avoid gluten, refined sugar, dairy and foods filled with GMOs or pesticides to keep a clean body and mind.

Eating unhealthily can lead to spiked blood sugar levels, which causes crash and stress on the human body. GMOs can be found in corn, soy, alfalfa, canola, squash and beets – so make sure to get organic, non-GMO foods at the store, or frequent your local farmer’s market this summer. If you keep a clean body, your energy levels will be more stable, and digestion will run smoothly, with many other benefits.

Be Prepared While Traveling

Travel increases in the summer, and while exciting, the stress of flying, changing time zones and entering new territory can cause anxiety in the body and brain. And with susceptibility to other people’s illnesses on flight, it’s important to be prepared. Avoid alcohol or sugar on the flight to keep the immune system top-notch, and bring Emergen C or some other illness preventative while traveling – and take it regularly.

Melatonin is a great natural supplement for jet lag, so it’s easier to sleep while traveling and changing time zones. Keep a routine, even if it’s simply journaling or going to bed at the same time to keep your body grounded – you’ll have much better of a time on vacation if you feel healthy and stress-free.

Keep a Normal Sleep Schedule

The sun is out later and there’s many parties in the summer — don’t let this throw you off. Going to bed at the same time and rising at the same time everyday is crucial to keep the mind and body healthy. Even one night of disrupted sleep can cause irritability, fatigue and a lowered immune system – and of course decreased focus. Get to bed early, so you can rise early to enjoy morning walks, a yoga class or something outdoors!

Go Natural

When we’re busier in the summer months, it’s tempting to grab an antibiotic or an over-the-counter medicine to feel better fast. Be warned: antibiotics destroy healthy bacteria, which can lead to leaky gut syndrome and other digestion-related issues, and this holds true for antacids and anti-inflammatory drugs. Be sure to begin a probiotic regimen, whether that be a supplement or food source – such as kimchi, kombucha or sauerkraut – and try these alternatives for colds and infections: grapefruit seed extract, turmeric (for inflammation and pain), ginger, activated charcoal and peppermint for the stomach.


Unwind from your busy schedule by taking a warm epsom salt bath, meditating and reading at night rather than watching television. Journal, do gentle yoga, and utilize lavender and cedar oils for easier sleep and relaxation. Make it a routine to unwind, so your body and mind have room to breathe.

Consolidate Your Schedule

If you’re overwhelmed by all the activities you have planned this summer, see what you can cancel or let go. Perhaps this is a trip, class or meeting with people. Freeing up your schedule will give you more room to incorporate what you love, whether that’s another hobby or additional time for self-care. And really, that’s the key to less stress.

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