5 Things Confident Women Do Differently was originally published on Higher Perspective.

They aren’t afraid of their purpose.

In the past, the purpose of a woman was defined by the men in her life. Today, I’m glad to say that isn’t the case. A woman’s purpose is defined by her, not anyone else. She can do whatever she wants to do. Nothing can hold her back.

They enjoy solitude, but then sometimes they don’t.

Society tends to judge women based on whatever it is they happen to be doing in that moment. If a woman is in a coffee shop drinking coffee and reading a book, she’s probably brainy and shy, maybe one of those “empowered types.” If she’s out at a bar with her friends, she must be looking for your penis specifically. Not so, my friends. Confident women aren’t defined by what it is they decide to do at some given moment. Don’t make assumptions.

They don’t buy into society’s idea of the perfect woman.

To a confident woman, the “perfect woman” is one who sees herself for who she really is and embraces it. She knows she doesn’t have to improve or change anything about herself if she doesn’t want to. Upset that she doesn’t conform to what society wants? Tough shit.

They don’t take it personally, but…

They don’t put up with any bullshit either. For too long, women have had to live in a world where they shrug off whatever disgusting nonsense is hurled at them. They don’t take cat calling personally, but they aren’t going to put up with it either.

They know they can improve the world.

The patriarchy relegated women in previous generations to home making jobs, and when they did enter the workforce, they were stuck doing a very specific set of jobs. My mother in the 1970s was told that she could never be an anthropologist but that instead she should set her sights on becoming a nice secretary. Today, women know their place, and it’s in the revolution. Like idealistic, bright, energetic men, women know they can change the world for the better.

5 Things Confident Women Do Differently”  was originally published on Higher Perspective.

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