Talk & Book Signing: Listening to the Heart

Date: Friday, March 27, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: 28 West 27th Street

Organization: New York Insight

Cost: Suggested starting donation is $15

Speaker: Kittisaro & Thanissara

The Buddha taught “Be a light unto yourself.” He also encouraged the development of spiritual friendship for mutual support along the path. Tonight we invite you to join us in friendship and celebration of the Dharma in our lives that ever guides us as we “Listen into the Heart.”


Lecture & Practice: Healing the Ayurveda Body

Date: Friday, March 27, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Location: 227 West 13th Street

Organization: Integral Yoga Institute

Cost: $35

Speaker: Mas Vidal

Discover the connection between energy and matter through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for improving the mind‒body relationship. Experience those forces of nature infused into a Yoga practice through the Raja-Tantra traditions to awaken the kundalini for mental and spiritual transformation.


Class: Chi Kung & Beginner Tai Chi

Date: Saturday, March 28, 1:15pm – 2:15pm

Location: 61 4th Ave, 3rd fl

Organization: The Three Jewels

Tai Chi/Chi Kung uses movement to relax and let go of tension. The slow, gentle movements develop balance, relaxation, and sensitivity. This practice will calm the mind, strengthen the central nervous system, improve circulation, enhance joint flexibility, open the compression of the spine, lower blood pressure, and naturally improve posture.


Art: Affordable Art Fair

Date: March 25 – 29

Location: 125 W 18th St

Cost: $18

Shop original paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures from more than 50 galleries, priced at $100 to $10,000.



Class: Self-Compassion: Science And Practice

Date: Sunday, March 29, 4:00 PM

Location: 22 West 15th Street

Organization: Tibet House

Cost: Free admission – RSVP

Key Speaker: Elizabeth Pyjov

What is self-compassion, and how is it different from self-pity, self-esteem or being self-centered? (Clue– very different). How can we use self-compassion to feel more connected to others? What does the new scientific research have to say about self-compassion as opposed to self-criticism? This lecture will discuss self-compassion as it is taught in the Stanford Medical School Compassion Curriculum and present ways to develop the skill of self-compassion.

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