The World’s Most Loyal 5 Dog Breeds

I remember growing up in the Bronx my sister and I walking home from school one day and standing on the corner waiting for the traffic light to change we heard the softest cry coming from a garbage can close by. When we pushed away the surface trash and peered inside, we saw three new born kittens crying for help. Poor little things, someone had tossed their little newborn lives away. Although my father wasn’t a fan of cats needless to say, we took those kittens home hid them in our basement and nursed them back to health. Our secret didn’t last very long my dad found out and forced us to find them homes. Luckily it didn’t take very long. My sister and I reluctantly gave them away, but I never forgot those kittens and from that moment on I had begged my father to buy one every occasion that came up. He relented on my tenth birthday and took me to a farm upstate to get a kitten from a friend’s cat who had just given birth to a litter. Our friends lived on a farm had several dogs and cats, raised chickens, ducks, deer, lambs, and goats. My father still reluctant, offered to buy me any other animal on the farm but I wouldn’t have it. Wish I could say that experience with the kittens was as positive as the first, unfortunately it was not. There was a litter of six kittens and when I picked up the little black and white one, I wanted to call my own, she scratched my face and neck, urinated on me then scratched my wrist. At that point I dropped her and walked away telling my father I had changed my mind.

Sensing my disappointment, he suggested we go buy a dog which turned out to be the best decision of my adolescent life. Hence a puppy beagle I called Butch became my new best friend.

They call them man’s best friend for a reason. Beagle’s in particular are loyal companions, happy-go-lucky and are so darn cute! But beagles aren’t the only loyal dogs. If you’re in the market in search for your new best friend we’ve done some research and asked John Woods, founder of ( to choose the Top 5 Breeds you may want to consider.

John is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a graduate in Animal Behavior and Welfare and recognized author by the Dog Writers Association of America.






Whilst most dogs are generally devoted to their family, there are certain breeds who are particularly renowned for their unwavering loyalty.  We frequently hear stories of dogs following ambulances when their owners have been admitted for an injury or illness, or pooches sitting at the grave of their deceased parent.  Whilst it wasn’t an easy list, we’ve put together our top five of the most loyal purebred dogs.

Akita Dog

Akita dog portraitRichard Gere fans will know immediately why this impressive companion is top of our list.  If you have a box of tissues to hand, feel free to watch the film Hachi.

It tells the true story of Hachiko.  The Japanese Akita would accompany his owner on his daily commute to work.  He would stay in wait at the Station for his owner to return, every day.  Sadly, one day his owner suffered a cerebral hemorrhage whilst at work and never returned.  For the next nine years, nine months and 15 days, Hachiko waited at the station at the usual time for his owner to finally return.  Hachiko died at the age of 11. His legacy lives on in a number of statues, reminding us of his unwavering loyalty.

German Shepherd Dog

German shepherd dog portraitDespite their controversial heritage with the German association during the war, German Shepherds are one of the most popular choice for police and military working dogs.  

This is largely due to their intelligence, trainability and you guessed it, their loyalty.  Historic herders, their tendency to guard is innate. It is believed that every Military War Dog saves between 150-200 of military service member’s lives.

Consider the story of MWD Rick.  The 7-year-old German Shepherd had served 6 years of his life as an explosives detection dog in South Korea!  His handler Staff Sergeant Amanda Cubbage spoke of how Rick helped her through missing her husband’s military retirement, family member illness and the loss of a friend in the line of duty.  

They not only protect their handlers physically, but emotionally too!

Skye Terrier

Skye Terrier portraitOne of the less known breeds, but the story of Greyfriars Bobby shows us how there’s a little more to these feisty little Terriers!  

Bobby belonged to John Gray who worked for Edinburgh City Police.    

When Gray died, Bobby subsequently spent the rest of his life sitting on his master’s grave.  It is thought that Bobby spent 14 years on the grave.

His legacy lives on in statue, story and film.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell terrier pet dog happy puppy lookingAnother Terrier making it on to our list.  JRTs are alert, inquisitive and lively! Whilst often touted as typical barky terriers, you couldn’t want a more loyal pooch!  Consider the story of George in New Zealand. Whilst playing with a group of children, they were set upon by two Pit Bulls. George instinctively tried to protect the children, but instead the Pit Bulls started to bite him.  Sadly, George had to be euthanized due to his injuries, but he was awarded the PDSA Gold Medal for his bravery.

Pitbull Terrier

Dramatic Late Afternoon Sunlight Hits One Eye Pit Bull PuppyDespite being banned or restricted in a number of states and having a pretty bad rep, Pit bulls are one of the most loyal dogs you could wish to meet.  

Strong, confident and smart, Pit bulls are super-trainable and eager-to-please.  When you bring them into your home, they will give you everything they have!

Consider the heroic story of Lucy.  A Fort Myers woman was saved by the incredible actions of Pitbull Lucy.  In an altercation between the owner’s mother-in-law and her ex-boyfriend, Lucy jumped to protect her.  Lucy succeeded but was instead fatally wounded with a knife.  


You may be surprised with some on our list or wonder why others haven’t quite made it.  When you look at the huge number of stories involving faithful dogs, the range across the breeds is incredible!  

There are stories of Poodles, Labrador Retrievers, Boston Terriers, Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, Saint Bernards, a Shiloh Shepherd, Siberian Huskies and even a Pug!

Dogs as a species just are wholeheartedly devoted and loyal to their family.  Their actions continuously amaze us! It wasn’t an easy list to compile; we truly believe that all breeds and mutts have the capacity to surprise us!  


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