5 tips to enjoying the true spirit of the holiday season

For many of us, the holidays are a stressful time. There are gifts to buy, dishes to cook and parties to attend. Instead of focusing on the busyness of the holiday season, look for ways to bring your own feelings about the meaning of the holidays into your life and the lives of others.

No matter what tradition you celebrate, here are five tips on staying present in the true holiday spirit:  


  • Serve others

This is the time of year when people are more likely to volunteer. So, join in and serve others by working for a charity that feeds those in need this season. Pick a weekend and sign up. You’ll be letting the needy in your area know they aren’t alone, and there are people who care about their welfare. After doing this seasonal service work, hopefully you’ll be inspired to continue helping year-round. It’s a good way to keep the holiday spirit in your home.

People get lonely this time of year. If you enjoy making conversation with others, consider volunteering at a retirement center. Not only is this a good way to share the holiday spirit, but you may also make a new friend. If you want to help someone nearby, cook a healthy meal or holiday cookies and share them with your neighbors.

  • Go caroling

Singing holidays songs lets people know that you’re excited about the season and you want to share your feelings. Once you start singing, others are likely to join in because singing is contagious. Many people know the words to popular carols. Even if singing isn’t one of your many talents, it’s still a good way to spread the joy of the season. Call a few friends, don your favorite holiday sweater and go caroling. It’s sure to bring happiness to others and make them smile.

  • Decorate your home

It can be a good deal of work, but when you decorate your home, you’re sharing your holiday spirit with everyone around. Many people begin or end the season by driving around town looking at lights. If you decorate your home, you’ll likely inspire your neighbors to do the same.

Don’t overlook the interior of your home. When you decorate this space, you’re sharing holiday cheer with your family and those who visit you. When you bring out your stored decorations, you’re sure to reminisce about past holidays and the fun times that you and your family shared.

  • Make holiday cards

Handmade seasonal cards are sure to fire up your holiday spirit. By giving them to those you love and appreciate, you’ll show the people in your life that you are thinking of them during this season. Making your own cards is also sharing the gift of your time.

If you aren’t crafty, engage the skills of children in your life to help you. Alternatively, make photo cards with memories of you and your families’ year. People love to see how your children and grandchildren have grown and where you have traveled since last year. Some people enjoy receiving write detailed letters about their families’ adventures in holiday cards to keep their friends and relatives close at heart.

  • Donate money, food or necessities

One of the best ways to do something extra for someone is to donate to others in need through a charity such as Toys for Tots or your local women’s shelter. If you’re financially able to help, go out and buy a few things for needy families. This is a selfless act that will spread holiday cheer to those you help. 

If you know someone who is struggling time-wise or money-wise this season, order a pizza for them for dinner. It might be fun to do this anonymously. This is a small, simple gesture that will surely make them feel cared for and special.

Road-tripping to a family member’s house for the holidays can be hectic and anxiety-filled. Why not help another driver out by pumping and paying for his or her gas? This is a great way to share the joy of the season with another.

Donating food is another option. Most of us don’t have to worry about where our next meal is coming from, but there are people who do. Why not help by donating to your local food bank?

You can also spread cheer by giving to the armed forces. Those who work for the military do so regardless of the season. This means that many of them don’t have the chance to spend the holidays with their families, so consider sharing holiday cheer overseas. Mail cards or send care packages with necessities, comfort items or small gifts. By doing so, you’ll surely make the holidays a little merrier for someone in the military.

When you take the focus away from the commercial glitz that retailers tend to bring to the holidays, you’ll realize what the season means to you and the best way for you to spread peace, joy and goodwill.

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