Neuroscience, weather and people’s habits create season of passion

Love is in the air: does that phrase make you think of spring?

Why is it that in fairy tales, commercials, and pop culture – and even sometimes in real life – lovemaking and new relationships seem to form and multiply in the spring? Here, we’ve provided some scientific and weather-related ideas:

1. More people out and about


In the wintertime, people seem to hibernate. And then all of a sudden, the sun comes out, and you see beautiful people with fewer layers on. Springtime is a great time to get out there – whether at a bar, coffee shop, farmer’s market or other event, to meet people. Go out without expectations, and you’re more likely to run into a new friend, acquaintance or possibly a new love interest.

2. Scientists say it’s dopamine

The large amounts of new stimuli in the spring – bright colors, new smells and people walking around in fewer clothes – can increase the amounts of dopamine in the brain. That’s why this season leaves you more susceptible to falling in love, according to Helen Fischer, professor and neuroscientist at Rutgers University.

3. More people online

birds-and-the-bees-couple-flirting in park

Dating, that is. Studies show that spring is primetime for people who use online dating services. Specifically, at the dating site Zoosk – which has 35,000,000 worldwide users – 34 percent more first messages are sent each spring day.

4. More to do outdoors

Obviously, people are outside more during the spring months. Romantic activities such as hiking, picnicking, intermural sports, sailing or running are more frequent, and dating becomes more fun, spontaneous and creative.

5. Fertility is in the air

couple hiding under the covers

Animals reproduce in the spring when food is plentiful. Farms are overrun with adorable chicks, bleating kids and frolicking calves. Since humans are animals too, we take on this energy, and the exposed sunlight and fragrant flowers encourages more energy and desire.

Let the flower blossoms inspire you to get out there and do something different. Bring a book to the park by yourself and have a picnic. You never know who you might draw in.

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