A Special Thank You from Rose Caiola

Thank you to everyone who attended the AHA Go Red for Women Luncheon 2019! It was a pleasure connecting with all of you. I hope you left feeling inspired and ready to rewire yourself.

As my special gift to you, I am giving away three free meditations to help quiet your mind and bring you into a calm, peaceful state.
How-To-Find-Zen-At-Work-Amidst-The-Chaos woman relaxed at work

Reduce Stress and Relax

Download this brand new meditation when you need to unwind after a long day.

Meditations Creating Change

Find Relaxation

Download this meditation when you need a little peace of mind.

Wake up Refreshed

Download this meditation when you need to start your day off right

About Rose Caiola
After over 20 years of running a large real estate development firm in NYC as well as juggling being a mother, wife and philanthropist, Rose Caiola embarked on a journey to uncover the roots of well-being to create harmony and balance in both her personal and professional life. Hence, Rewire Me was born.
Now, as an internationally-recognized wellness and personal transformation thought leader, writer, trainer and speaker, Rose draws on her years of experience in both business and wellness to offer people transformative approaches for uncovering meaning, direction and balance in their personal and professional lives.

Create the life you were meant to create.

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The toolkit below includes all the latest tips and techniques for a better sleep.


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