“Your first impression is your last impression”. This is not just a saying, but this statement has a lot of depth. Clothes are a very important aspect of life. Even in the early day’s clothes and their presentation, they communicated a lot about your personality. It’s not all to be fashionable but all that matters is our dressing should be more clean and appropriate for our occasion. Your clothes and way of dressing tell the opposite person/gender your whole story. The good dressing does not come with being rich and poor; all that is important is that you should be acceptable by others. People should like to sit with you, don’t dress up as such that the other person runs away from you.

Your relationships to some extent do matter on what you wear and how you wear. You always need to look acceptable in front of who you go. Your clothes show a lot about you and your personality and speak a lot portraying the other person. The way you dress will change the way other people talk about you and also here you.


Through your dressing, you can either look clumsy or you look well dressed. The way you dress shows how mature you are. It gives a sense to the other people that you are clever enough to know which occasion requires what type of clothes. You need to look responsible so that people also take you seriously. For example, if you are going for a job interview, you cannot wear torn jeans and a T-shirt. Nobody will accept you as a person to work for in a professional environment. You need to go in proper pants and a sweat shirt and tie. The other person will be impressed.


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Even though our knowledgeable and sensible, you know all about do’s and don’ts but if you don’t wear clothes according to your environment and culture you will not be appreciated by your group. Self-confidence makes you achieve a lot in life. If you look good, it automatically increases your energy and confidence level. If you are dressed appropriately then at least you know you look your best and you can worry about other things to do rather than be worried about how you look.


A well-dressed person gains more respect in society. This fact cannot be denied. It shows your hygienic habits and also tells people how much you care about yourself. Your good appearance attracts more people towards you. For example, if you are single then you should always look representable as you never know who and when someone might get interested in you. When people are not dressed nicely then a negative impression starts to build for you. Always take time out for yourself. Whether a girl or boy, man or woman, you need to look good so you can look nice at every age. When you wear a clean dress, ironed now, you look more handsome and people notice you more as well. A decent sense of dressing uplifts your appearance, it shoes you wonders.

However, another saying “you should never judge a book by it cover.” You should also see the inside of a person especially when you are ready to get yourself in a permanent relationship. But still, you should ignore your dressing. As your dressing is indeed your first impression, it gives you more respect, it boosts your confidence, you be more productive and have an upper edge from other people.

Don’t let anybody undermine your personality or let you look with disrespect due to your appearance. Wherever you go always tend to check the environment you are going in and then see our wardrobe and choose the best you can from what you have. On a friend’s night out, wear casual clothes, for office wear get yourself ready in a formal outfit. A friend’s wedding or a meeting, you need to look tip-top. Forgoing out with friends and family, always look chic and flick. Always keep in mind your living in Pakistan, so dress according to your culture, whether you are a man or a woman. Always look decent and stand out from the crowd to be the best of all and look the best in everyone’s eyes.

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