Carmelo Blandino
Artist Carmelo Blandino with one of his recent works, painted with his left hand. Traditionally known for his intricate and ethereal portraits of flowers, he recently began experimenting with painting with his left hand. The results? Vibrant and lush floral bouquets in rich, riotous bursts of color—as well as a rewired way of thinking and living. (Photo: © 2014)

Carmelo Blandino had long been renowned as a detailed and talented artist before he decided to completely switch styles. Typically painting with oil on canvas, he was known for his intricate and ethereal portraits of individual flowers. But his most recent series has a striking new personality. Using acrylics and a palette knife, he explores the vibrancy and dynamism of lush floral bouquets in rich, riotous bursts of color. So what brought about this change? Carmelo started experimenting with painting with his less dominant hand in an effort to rewire his way of thinking and ultimately his life.

I had the unique opportunity to speak to this talented artist about his process and his unconventional approach to painting. I was struck not only by his brave decision to go outside his comfort zone, but by the thoughtful path that led him there. During our conversation, Carmelo revealed that we share a mentor in Dr. Joe Dispenza, who is a friend of mine as well as a huge inspiration to me. Carmelo said his Rewire Me moment came about as he was going through a breakup, and he picked up one of Dr. Dispenza’s books, hoping to find solace. He began to see positive results as he tried the meditations and lessons that he was reading about.

Read on for some of Carmelo’s thoughts about his creative experience and how he successfully rewired himself. And by all means, visit his website to view more of Carmelo’s exquisite artwork!

On New Experiences

I asked myself, “What’s next, and what haven’t I done yet in my life?” This allowed my mind to go into areas that were unfamiliar. I was able to ponder what new experiences I would like to bring into actuality. Through this procedure, it dawned on me that in all my years of painting, I had never seen what my paintings would look like if I had painted them with my left hand instead of my right.

Untethered Soul, by Carmelo Blandino
Untethered Soul, by Carmelo Blandino (with his right hand).

On Trusting His Gut

The thought of not being capable of painting with my left hand never even occurred to me. It was as if that thought had never been introduced to the right side of my brain, the area that controls my left hand. I just acted. I even switched mediums and painted with acrylics instead of oils, which I had been using for so many years.

On His Inspiration

Thanks to Dr. Dispenza, I was able to find the missing piece of the puzzle that had been haunting me for years: that repetitive thoughts and emotions can be our greatest enemies because they make us believe in a fabricated reality. I mean, it goes deeper than that and I’m just skimming the surface here, but it’s very deep personal work that one engages in when they rewire themselves…Dr. Dispenza helped me to see my blind spot. It was all systems go from there. I still continue to apply his methods.

On the Reponse to His New Art

People reacted to it immediately and recognized the freedom in the application of the paint. To this day I still get comments from fans telling me how free my art feels to them, how it has a sense of expression that comes from a unique place. That’s true, because it’s emanating from a place that hasn’t been part of my programming.

On Starting to Make Changes

I began to walk differently immediately. My stance was different as I had a heightened sense of awareness of my surroundings. I felt lighter, happier, and more efficient. I had more drive and purpose, an overall good feeling of having released the burden of the past. My emotions were neutral and didn’t fluctuate. I was aware of my thoughts and emotions and how I chose to direct them by the decisions I made. Full attention went to every choice and I became very present in every detail of my life. Spiritually, it just fit together.

Feu, by Carmelo Blandino
Feu, by Carmelo Blandino (with his left hand).

On Rewiring Himself

It must start from within you, above all, because it’s your perception that is shaping your world—not the other way around. So if you’re not happy with your life, take a good, hard look at it and start by asking yourself the hard questions, such as: What do I believe must be true in my life to have created the situation that I am in at the moment? Then sit with it and be attentive to the answer. Of course, if you don’t take action, then you will remain with your difficulty. To make any effective change in your life, to rewire yourself, you need to do something completely different from what your mind is used to doing.

On Painting

I paint mostly with my left hand and switch if the right needs to take over—to make a line that requires more dexterity, for example. It’s all in the flow of communication between my conscious and subconscious minds, while my unconscious mind makes sure my body stays effective. It’s a dance between all three minds. Each has a role to play.

On His Rewire Me Moment

I have clear moments every day about my rewiring process. I throw my left foot forward when I walk now, I sign with my left hand. These are physical actions, but more important has been awakening spiritually to truths and knowledge that were deep inside of me. I’ve had big aha moments—deep personal realizations about my life, the universe, and consciousness that come to the surface with clarity. I no longer am concerned with time. That was another Rewire Me moment, when I realized time is a fabrication that we created to sustain the world. This realization had the immediate effect of slowing things down for me. I no longer stress about my day.

Is there anything you can do to rewire your thinking—and life—the way Carmelo did?


Rose Caiola
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  • Marie Pare
    Posted October 11, 2014 11:53 am 0Likes

    It was very inspiring to me to read about this artist as I am taking up painting again after several years of putting it aside. Thank you.

  • Eda
    Posted October 12, 2014 12:06 am 0Likes

    Very inspiring to read your story. I am as well reading and listening Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books and CDs and right now I’m listening to the Breaking the habit of being yourself and I’m just fascinated by how he is guiding you to go deeper and close the GAP. I’m a painter too and I feel like I’m spending too much time on what to paint or how detail should the painting be to satisfy others(environment) however, I just started a painting which I just experiment color and brush strokes and just paint itself and it’s completely a different style as what I used to paint and I started liking it:)

  • Andrea Magdalena
    Posted October 12, 2014 10:45 am 0Likes

    I could call this article as synchronicity. I recently had my right hand operated on and I am now forced to use my left for a while. I also thought the same idea to start painting again and try it with left. Very inspiring story and I can also identify with many of the experiences Carmelo Blandino had while working on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditation exercises. Indeed, “it’s very deep personal work that one engages in when they rewire themselves.” Thank you for the article.

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