Mental health includes our psychological, and social well-being. It affects individuals internally, how they feel, think or act. The problem in breathing and shortness of breath causes mental health problems. It also helps how to handle stress. Keep yourself mentally healthy to be physically fit. Mental health plays a vital role in every stage of life.  Health includes the emotional, spiritual, and well-being of the community. Mental health completely affects how we feel, think, and act.

 Why Is Better Mental Health Essential:

Why Is Better Mental Health Essential:

Mental Health is essential to how to deal with people. How to deal with your thoughts. how to manage to go along with the world and how to be mentally healthy and fit. But there are some cases in which people got mentally disturbed due to some disturbing issues. You have to get out of the stress to go with the flow. You have to think positively and cancel all the negativities around.

Mental Health is important for the development of the country:

The World Health Organization defines mental health as mental well-being where the person knows about his/her abilities. Today many developing countries are well established and working hard to achieve their goals. But some countries are mentally ill and are not mentally healthy at all. With this state of mind, nobody can achieve success in their lives. We all must be mentally strong to do the best for our society. The development country’s mind is so healthy and fit, they don’t take the stress. Hence we must cancel all the negativities around and accept the positivity. 

Mental health influences us:
  1. Education
  2. Work productivity
  3. Development of Positive relationships
  4. Crime rate
  5. Drugs or alcohol
Mental Health is important for positive relationships:

Hence it is proved that mental health plays a vital role in the development of positive relationships. We are living in a society where people are being involved more in negativity and negative thoughts rather than accepting the positivity around. Having mental health is a great benefit for positive relationships. 

Mental Health is important for the productivity of work:

Doing work all the time can affect your health internally. Do some exercise daily. Take a rest and again try to work hard. You must keep it in your mind that doing excessive work can lead to mental health problems. Mental health is important for the productivity of work. hence we must try to focus on our work and our health too. 

Mental Health is important for Education:

Education is the most important key to the development of social well-being. Nowadays there are many countries how are lacking in education. People are unaware of the importance of education. They don’t allow their kids to get an education. They not only spoil their days but they destroy the betterment of the country. Get education for the betterment of your country. You need to do something best for your coming days. Mental health provides the betterment of the country. 

Applying these factors to be mentally healthy:
Manage to deal with Stress:

Some people are dealing with stress in a good way to achieve mental health. Maintain good mental health hence it is the only solution to your problems. Manage your responsibilities to deal with stress. We know stress is unpredictable and unavoidable. But we can cope up with it by knowing how to trigger and to deal with stress.

It is good to help people who are needy and poor. But it sounds better when you are trying to help people who are mentally sick, having mental health problems. If you help them to get out of those critical problems, it’s a sense of achievement.

Avoid drinking and smoking:

Drinking and smoking such as alcohol, and drugs cause some mental health problems. Excessive drinking causes thiamine deficiency. This is a deficiency that leads to memory loss. It causes several memory problems. You can feel more depressed and anxious about drinking. Addiction to drugs has a very negative impact. Alcohol and drugs should not be used; hence it creates an addiction to the people which results in mental health problems. If you smoke, your mind will go into departure which makes you depressed and irritated.

Factors cause mental health problems:

  • suffering or mistreatment.
  • problem in breathing.
  • Alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Affects feelings, thinking, and acts.
Maintaining good mental health:

 Maintaining good mental health

The solution to maintaining good mental health, exercise is very important. Doing activity and exercise keeps you active and smart. It can decrease low mood, stress, anxiety, and tiredness. It is important to be active and be smart to achieve your goals and be mentally healthy. 

You must get sufficiently of sunlight. It is a cradle of vitamin D. it is a very important vitamin for our bodies and brains. It helps to improve our mood. Try to take vitamin D from sunlight which improves your mood. When you go out in the sun, make sure you keep your eyes, and skin safe. 

Maintain good relationships:

Maintain good relationships, talk to the people. You must talk about the famous topic. If you have friends, you need to give your time to them, talk to them, and enjoy your time. When you are feeling sick it is important to have friends to share things. According to the research, it is concluded that connecting with the people around, talking to your friends can help to increase memory. Some people like painting, walking, watching, listening, and playing. Be creative, use your mind to do creativity. Have creative thoughts, enjoy yourself with the little things that matter. If you don’t spend time on the things you enjoy to do, you must be unhappy. To be mentally healthy, it is better to enjoy the things you love the most.


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