Contact with animals gives people a greater sense of responsibility, enhances empathy and increases their understanding of the cycle of life.

Early on, kids living with pets learn to take care of and feed another person, primarily by watching their parents, storing all of the elements they will use in any potential animal contact. Some studies show that kids having pets have more empathy towards others and animals.

In the man-eat-man world of politics, animals could be the only friendly faces. Animals bind us to each other too. They make us pleasanter.

Researchers found that, if they had animals with them, strangers were more likely to approach and initiate respectful conversations with people in wheelchairs. Pets are icebreakers. We may bring together the most unlikely of people for a shared experience.

Animals allow us to connect with others. Part of it is that we admire people that like animals. We also judge others by their being with animals.

Animals are able to teach people compassion, affection, commitment, responsibility, and friendship. Nevertheless, without a healthy dose of empathy, certain positive qualities cannot be achieved. This sparks prosocial attitudes, such as empathy and altruism that are intended to help or benefit others.

Charity and selflessness are the fires of our empathy. Empathy also kindles an understanding of emotions. Within his book Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman describes emotional intelligence as the ability to direct behavior to understand and regulate the emotions within oneself and in others. It is strongly associated with enhanced social skills and relationships, and better physical and mental health.

Emotional intelligence is a function of empathy and the ability to communicate with and understand others. “Empathy is the basic skill of the people,” writes Goleman. Empathy is so central to our interactions with each other that we mark out as mentally ill and risky anyone who lacks it.

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We have seen how having an animal in your life can make things much better for all concerned. Please be open to considering some reasons why.

A pet’s love never fails

man in white dress shirt wearing round analog watch with brown leather bracelet holding black chihuahua during daytime

No matter what, the animal you’ve been bonding with will always love you and remember. Even if you can’t return that unconditional love, just knowing it’s there will improve your life.

Caring for something other than yourself is emotionally healthy

Giving and getting a little love, even if you have to say “off the couch” 270 times a day, can take your mind off your troubles and help you to see what’s really real.

It is also physically healthy

If you have a dog, you need to take it (and you) on walks. Cesar Millan says that dogs are happiest when they are walking. And it’s common knowledge that taking regular walks is also good for your heart and brain health.

An animal in your life will help ease your suffering

If you are dealing with depression, trauma, or anxiety, having a pet will make things better. The relationship is pure healing. There is even a reality show about how dogs can help Veterans dealing with PTSD and parolees trying to work their way back into society.

You may not think you have the energy to care for a pet

Woman Holding Short-coated Black and Brown Puppy

I have a friend who has been battling cancer for a decade. She got a tiny puppy about a year before it started, and that dog has, without a doubt, helped keep her alive. Even at her weakest, just having her loving pup by her side is such a comfort.

Yes, animals do die first

Or, if you move into a place that does not allow animals, you may have to give away your pet. Yes, losing your pet is very painful, but when you think about how much love this animal gave you while with you, it’s totally worth the pain of loss.

No, pets are not replaceable

Rescuing little Foxy has made things much nicer for our family, but I still miss my Mercy and think of her every day. The connection we had was heart to heart, and caring for her that last year truly changed me. Instead of replacing her, I rescued another with no expectations.

Just the act of petting a creature lowers your blood pressure and helps you relax

Next time you are feeling out of sorts, I recommend going to your local shelter and giving some love to an animal there. You won’t have to take it home, but notice how you feel when the two of you are exchanging emotional energy. And don’t be surprised if you do adopt!

Maybe you think you don’t have enough room in your heart

You may already have a family to love, and that is totally wonderful. But you may want to consider adding an animal into the mix. I’m sure if you ask your family, they will agree that pets only add more love. They never take it away.

Bottom line

If you want more love in your life, consider a pet. I know not everybody is an animal lover, but if you think you might be, don’t deprive yourself of this wonderful gift to humanity.

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