What Neuroscience Tells Us About Personal Change

What if you could retrain your brain to create lasting change? With the New Year rapidly approaching, so many of us are asking ourselves what habits we need to break, what goals we want to achieve, and how we can create balance in our lives. In Greg Voisen’s interview with my friend Dr. Joe Dispenza, [...]


How to Know if the Message Is Real

We look at our watch and it says 11:11…a friend’s tarot card reading is right on the money…a double rainbow appears as if from nowhere…we happen to hear our deceased father’s favorite song just at the moment we’re making a big decision… How do we know if what we’re experiencing is a sign—from above, from [...]


Overdiagnosed and Underexamined

Having spent a sizable enough portion of my own life sitting across from various psychologists and/or psychiatrists, rattling off a series of symptoms in the hopes of gaining some sort of medical clarification, I’m always hesitant to appear skeptical of anyone else’s “official” mental health diagnosis. Becoming a parent hasn’t changed my open-mindedness (for lack [...]


It Takes Two

Joshua Wolf Shenk’s Powers of Two: Finding the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) offers a compelling new way to look at creativity. Shenk wants to put to rest the “lone genius” myth, our romantic vision of the single mind at brilliant work as if by magic or divine intervention. In order [...]


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