How You Think About Stress Might Be Making It Worse

According to William James, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” Dr. Mike Evans and the Evans Healthcare Labs created an accessible and entertaining video that explains both the how and the why. It really rewired how I understand stress and I guarantee it’s worth the eleven minutes. [...]


Our Teeth Are Getting More Care Than Our Brains

I was really struck by my dear friend Krishna Pendyala’s recent article on Mindful Choices this week. After visiting his mother who suffers with Alzheimer’s disease, he had a huge insight: If we can spend two minutes on dental hygiene twice a day, why can’t we spend the same amount of time on our mental [...]


Finding Truth in Mourning and Healing

The living room is an embodiment of feminine comfort: soft fluffiness everywhere, furniture that hugs you, a light-filled womb of warm-colored plants and foods. As 47-year-old VinnieCarla Agnello talks to me, she snuggles on a pillow-decked couch, swaddled in big white blankets with two snoring dogs, one of which burrows into her chest like an [...]


Glimpsing Heaven: The Stories and Science of Life After Death

The most inscrutable, looming, and painfully urgent question presented by life is what, if anything, might occur at its conclusion. We awaken at birth with no memory of where we came from, twist and wind through the drama of our existence, and eventually exit this stage, receding back into the unknown. If anything, death is [...]


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